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5 biggest ROI when rehabbing for real estate investment in Massillon, OH
August 3, 2021 at 7:00 AM
5 biggest ROI when rehabbing for real estate investment in Massillon, OH

When you’re rehabbing for real estate investments in Massillon, OH, it’s important to think ROI above all else. The thinking should be along the lines of, “What kind of project does this house or property need to improve the value without putting too much money into it?” At TSCD Real Estate Investment, we can help you find the rehab projects to maximize your ROI. Keep reading for five opportunities to rehab your investment.

Replacing windows

New windows will go a long way to improving the appeal of a property. A nice, tight seal will give a buyer or renter the confidence that they’re not going to be losing money out the window as conditioned air escapes. It’s also a great way to ensure that your property isn’t going to sustain any water damage as it’s protected from the potential of rainwater leaking through and causing costly damage.

Garage door replacement

In addition to providing a certain level of insulation for your garage, a garage door adds curb appeal to a home. Replacing a garage door isn’t a massive undertaking but the ROI can be huge as curb appeal can go a long way to making a strong first impression. Additionally, a prospective buyer will put a lot of stock in a garage door functions well so they can either pull their vehicle in and out or have a secure place to store extra belongings.

Attic conversion

Adding living space to a home is often a good idea. You can convert an attic into space where a buyer or tenant can easily build their own man cave or game room and it’ll add a high level of appeal. Attic conversions are affordable projects that often cost less than adding another room to a home. You’re able to take what’s essentially unused space and create an additional living area.

Backyard deck

Along the vein of adding living space, you can create an outdoor living space by adding a backyard deck. Residents will jump at the opportunity to get outside during summer evenings and a backyard deck allows them to do so. Homes that don’t have an outdoor living space will make residents feel like they’re confined indoors or limited to spending time out on the driveway. A backyard deck allows for a private space to read a book, enjoy a drink before bed, or entertain.

Front door replacement

We mentioned previously that curb appeal goes a long way to making a good impression. Whether they do it consciously or not, the front door is one of the first areas on the front of a house where people will look. A front door that looks great will do wonders to tying together the look of the front of a house. While a new front door has a major impact on the appearance of a home, it’s an incredibly affordable replacement that you can do. A new front door is well worth the price of a minor project based on the ROI.

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